Spoken Reflection


XOVR (2024)
Anymore (feat. Brian Head Welch) (#5 this week in our Top 30)
Spoken Awaken Me

Awaken Me

Independent (2020)
Awaken Me
Spoken The Way Back Home

The Way Back Home

Independent (2020)
The Way Back Home
Spoken IX


Independent (2017)
This Is Not The End
Spoken Breathe Again

Breathe Again

Independent (2015)
Beyond The Stars (Top 5)
Breathe Again (Number 1)
Falling Apart (Top 5)
Spoken Illusion


eOne (2012)
Calm The Storm
Through It All (Top 5)
Spoken Dagger


Independent (2010)
Dagger (Number 1)
Spoken Last Chance To Breathe

Last Chance To Breathe

Tooth & Nail (2005)
Last Chance To Breathe
Time After Time
Wind In My Sails
Spoken A Moment of Imperfect Clarity

A Moment of Imperfect Clarity

Tooth & Nail (2003)
Falling Further (Top 5)
How Long
Promise (Top 5)
Sleep Well Tonight (Top 5)
Spoken Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell

Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell

Metro 1 (2000)
A Question Alone
Forevermore (Number 1)
Forevermore (Acoustic)
I Won't Lie Down (Top 5)
This Path (Top 5)
Spoken What Remains

What Remains

Metro 1 (1999)
Prepare To Meet Thy God