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Beautiful Ashes by Eowyn
Beautiful Ashes (2011)
Label: Independent

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Fail Safe by Eowyn

Still a mystery am I really seen, or just this portrait on the wall?
Left for ash and dust, who can I now trust?
If not you, then I know this. I will lose my way

You're my fail-safe, when nothing else felt safe
I'm losing control, don't let me go
I'm letting you know, I need you more
My fail-safe, security, fail-safe
You are the key to sanity
You are the hope to tragedy

With every breath I take, relying on your strength
I thank God I'm not alone. In truth, everything that
you've said, makes me feel so full of life not dead
Awakened by your very words, there is much to say

You always knew me better. You always knew me better.
When I lost my way, left without a trace, I'd return cause
you knew me better. (repeat)... In every way



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