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Overtired and Ill Prepared by Adelaide
Overtired and Ill Prepared (2004)
Label: Word of Mouth

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Hard To Find by Adelaide

So you say you're mad at me
Still it's over when it's over.
Simple love and mixed in lies.
Could it be over, is this over

Because it's hard to find who you are
Open up your heart and find a new side

Stepping on the remnants of the memories of your forgotten love.
I'm just waiting for a sign to tell me all about the wagers of this love supreme endangered all my life
And I've forgotten how this feels.

Still I try, all alone again I wait in the silence that you speak.
Because I can't get inside my head.
Now I'm stupid, now I'm dead.
I can't get in, so what

The pressures off the true weights
And no forced end to hesitate



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