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Simulcast by Kosmos Express
Simulcast (1998)
Label: Sublime

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In My Face by Kosmos Express

How do you believe
That you are free
Free to deceive

Hey, hey, get away
I'm not your protege
Don't want to be a leader
A modern day believer
To follow you's a lie
I'd rather criticize
Don't want to be a seller
Want to be Paul Weller

Please believe me when I tell you
That it's more than I can take
Don't forget I don't believe you
When you throw it in my face

How can you expect
That you're exempt
That you're elect

No way, not today
Tomorrow we escape
You're guilty of a legend
Modern day obsession
Don't bother with a spin
When nobody listens
I'm not about to stay
And you just fade away



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