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And The Land Of Fake Believe by eleventyseven
And The Land Of Fake Believe (2006)
Label: Flicker

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More Than A Revolution by eleventyseven

i don't mean to cause mass hysteria
it's on its way and its probably gonna bury you
and theres nothing much that you can do
there's nothing good left to immitate
nobody is left now to mediate
and everybody has still got something to prove
i can't even tell whats right from wrong
will someone please tell me what's going on

cause we need more than a revolution
something deeper than a false solution
to replace what's going wrong
so don't look alarmed when everyone's choking
suffocated on what they're hoping in
lets move this along

don't ask for me to participate
i'm just the wrong kind of candidate
it's pure hypocrisy that makes me, me
God show me past all this ignorance
i can't pretend to be innocent
it takes much more than words to make a stand



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