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I'm Only A Man by Emery
I'm Only A Man (2007)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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The Party Song by Emery

I know you like the party but the party never stops
I know you
I know you want to be here so you just let go
And no one is ever going to tell you no
But I want to because I know you

But you party on, Get your party on

This is my last advice, leave with me 'cause you could die tonight
I've got this, so go ahead home
The drugs you use as a place to hide
This will end bad if you don't get this right
I've got this, I don't need you

You got kicked out of your mother's house
You stole money from her purse
She finally found you out
You should be ashamed
Don't sit there judging me
What a waste
You would be the same if you were me
So let's have another drink

February is still as scary, the month your father died
A little girl in a shrinking world, looking for a place to hide



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