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New and Used Hits by ApologetiX
New and Used Hits (2004)
Label: Independent

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The Voice Of Sodom by ApologetiX

Nobody down below, I'm on the mountain peaks
A chill is in the air, the sulfur smell, it reeks
It's too late, can't retreat so some ghost town below
I'm tryin' to find a house, far enough for our home

But I can't see you; the mountain's higher than I thought
Look how the air's coal black, this was some act of God, baby
And I can't tell you what Lot will do; I'm still in shock
After Gamorrah and Sodom have gone

I never will forget those guys, they wandered into Sodom's streets
Remember how I made them stay with me, the men in town all made a scene
Now I dont' want to say what happened; thinkgs go rough
But, baby when the men attached, they found out those two guys were angels

I can't see you; our town's been swallowed by the sun
But you were walkin' too slow, baby, why didn't you ever run
But did tell you that lovely view would self-destruct
After the boys of Sodom were judged

All the folks in Canaan saw the black cloud thicken in the aftermath
I heard a noise, looked straight ahead
Said don't look back, but you went and looked back
I though I knew my loved ones, what did I know?
Thsoe cavs look good for shelter, I should jsut getin in those, but

I can't see you and mountain climbing isn't fun
I brought our daughters out and they need a mom, baby
I can't help you, my love turned to a pillar of salt
After the boiling sulfur had fallen
I can't see you, our town's been blown to kingdom come
They got to tear old maps up and make a bran new ones, baby
I can tell you my love for you will fill this song

After Gamorrah and Sodom have gone



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