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Illusion by Spoken
Illusion (2012)
Label: eOne

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Through It All by Spoken

I saw the storm, felt the wind begin to change
I saw the sky rip wide open
I looked away, hid my face from the world
Ran away from everything
But now I'm back for more

I heard the sound, saw the flashing light
Watched the day turn into night

Through it all, we've been thrown in the fire
We've been lost in the flame - But we will rise from the ashes again
All our hearts have been broken, burned by the flame
But we will rise from the ashes again

She watched the world as it slowly slipped away
Lost all her dreams in the ocean
She sees this face, feels this touch on her hand
Remembers when she had everything
One day she will again

I heard the sound saw the flashing lights
And watched the day turn into night

You are all that I have
Everything that I need
You're the one that I run to
Everything I believe



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