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Vegas Car Chasers by Silage
Vegas Car Chasers (1998)
Label: Essential

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Verb by Silage

Hubcaps, sparkle in the curb,
Footsteps, silently disturbed.
The sidewalks, the clublights,
The streetlamps that burn,
All look good in the eyes of the world.

I like the music, the beats in my head,
The DJ, the MC, the flow of the band.
The tastes and smells, that vibe in the air,
Take away these, I wouldn't even be here.
(Repeat Chorus)

The problems your seeing,
Are not in these things.
The music, the message,
It all says the same.
(Repeat 2x's)
(Repeat Chorus 2x's)

Are you hip to the concept?
Are you hip to the verb?
(Repeat constantly)

Our verbs are online,
With the One who created,
The stars over Nashville,
And the ones over Vegas.

(Repeat Chs. 4x's)

Bring it to them on the dos techniques,
And the microphone cone.
I condone the tone,
In the monitor zone.
Play me a song right now, that I'll never forget,
And feel the kick inflect,
From the fiberglass, drum sets.
It makes it easy,
Once you hear the speakin' from the Peave's.
Recieving what you will,
Compliments of the db's.
Whose your favorite band?
Found you friend, made a dub.
Bought a ticket when they rolled,
Through at the local club.
We say if they ain't divinely excited,
Watch the words that they write,
If no shrubs have been ignited.
Whatever we speak,
We need to stay true to that.
God's response can be shocking, like a thousand gigowatts,
Sometimes I feel like, I'm running out of time,
And if I look through the eyes fo the world than I'll be blind.
When I feel like I'm yellin', reall it's like a whisper,
Then write songs to help prolong, the life of the listener.
But I can't depend on me, 'cause really I can't do nothing,
So why in the world, does the Devil keep frontin'?
Trying to take what ain't his, like it's something he created,
And if you think that he did, than my friend you've been bamboozeled.
When I speak from abundance, the Verbs are like power,
Counter act and break the back, of the ones who devours.
Live musicians don't die, they just decompose,
If you choose to role with the One, you know who rose.



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