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Watusi by Silage
Watusi (1997)
Label: Sublime

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Watusi by Silage

It's Like this,
I'm up here actin' real smooth,
I'm like an old school rocker,
And I'm rappin' away,
Yeah, I'm all in your face.
And it won't stop,
Because it just sounds cool to say it,
And play it,
And I go on and live me life and hide away.

From you and you or me,
Or whoever wants to believe,
What I am singin' and.
No I don't want to be this way,
Or see this way,
Or, believe in my intention to be cool.

It goes on,
I'm up here actin' real smooth,
I could be playin',
Could be makin' time to take myself below it,
And show it, you know it won't stop,
Until I'm livin' by the truth I'm speakin',
I'm takin' to much time to lay back and stay back,
And hide away.

Do di di do...

You wanna be a big star,
You wanna be inside it.
I want to run away,
I want to run away.



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