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Identity by Awaken
Identity (2019)
Label: Independent

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The Spiral (feat. Jenna Kate Brown) by Awaken

I know we all make mistakes but this has gone to far
(You carried so much pride)
You even told me your stories that helped you through the dark.
(You showed me all your light)
When did this happen?
At what point did you let betrayal start to take control?
All these excuses, you've been so defensive
By shunning what you used to know
Have you forgotten just who you are?
Have you sacrificed your own heart?
Are you a prisoner to yourself,
In the spiral you came down on?
You're caught in the crowd and lost the key back home
(The world tore out your truth)
It's still in the same place you remember from long ago
(I won't give up on you)
To take the truth and let it go when you fail at even giving your exact reason
You'll find that nothing in this world is ever worth leaving what you believe in
I remember the stories you told so well
You even helped me up when I was down
I want to help you find your way back from where you've been
So you can climb your way out from the deep end.



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