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  Come Alive (feat. Kevin Young) - Behold The Beloved (Come Alive)
  Darkness Dies - Disciple (Love Letter Kill Shot (Deluxe))
  Exodus - Ignescent (Exodus)
  Heart - Fight The Fade (Heart)
  I Need A Ghost - Brandon Lake (I Need A Ghost)
  Illuminate - Becoming Sons (Illuminate)
  Keep On Fighting - The Birdsongs (The Journey - Act II, The War)
  Shallow Graves - Poetic Descent (Shallow Graves)
  Stained Glass - Awaken (Stained Glass)
  The War We Made - Red (Declaration)
  Waymaker - Seventh Day Slumber (Unseen - The Lamb)
  World I Used To Know - Scott Stapp (Space Between The Shadows)

  Awaken Me - Spoken (Awaken Me)
  Do Unto Others - Stryper (Even The Devil Believes)
  Down In The Lowlands (feat. Thomas Smith) - Barry Blair (Down In The Lowlands)
  Greater - The Protest (Greater)
  Grenades - Manafest (This Is Not The End)
  Last Days - Relent (Last Days)
  Out of Line - AsFireFalls (Out of Line)
  Smile - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (Operation Takeover)
  Sorrows End - Collision of Innocence (Sorrows End)
  The Decree - Lacey Sturm (The Decree)
  Unto The Lamb (feat. Oz Fox) - Chaotic Resemblance (Unto The Lamb)
  Who We Are - Fireflight (Who We Are)

  Bad Self - Ascension - The Protest (Legacy)
  Blood From Above - Stryper (Even The Devil Believes)
  Brother - Falcone Rising (Falcone Rising)
  Desperate Measures - Random Hero (Tension)
  Down - Love and Death (Perfectly Preserved)
  Face Down - AngeLight (Face Down)
  Light Broke The Darkness - We Are Vessel (Lift Your Voice)
  Liquid Pendulum - Rusty Shipp (Liquid Exorcist)
  Low - Relent (Low)
  Made To Fly - Mere Skyline (Made To Fly)
  Monsters (Feat. Ryan Kirby) - Paradise Now (Lockdown Mixtape)
  Reach Out - DAV (War Zone)
  Rise - Samuel Day (Rise)
  Sober - Seventh Day Slumber (Closer To Chaos)
  Taking Over - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (Taking Over)
  Today We Rise - Collision of Innocence (Today We Rise)
  Unbreakable - American Arson (A Line In The Sand)
  Whispers - Slick Shoes (Rotation and Frequency)
  Who You Are - Reclaim The Day (Who You Are)
  Worst Enemy - Adelaide (Strong and Brave)



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