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  Cuff The Criminal - Disciple (Love Letter Kill Shot)
  Face of the Sun - Scott Stapp (Space Between The Shadows)
  Guilty Hands - Nine Lashes (Guilty Hands)
  I Don't Need Your Fantasy - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (I Don't Need Your Fantasy)
  Lazarus - Ignite The Fire (Between Shadow and Solace)
  Let It Happen - Switchfoot (Native Tongue)
  Low - Relent (Low)
  Man Down - Seventh Day Slumber (Closer To Chaos)
  Peace - Demon Hunter (Peace)
  Save Me - Skillet (Victorious)
  Sever - Red (Declaration)
  Supernatural - Paradise Now (Supernatural)

  Alive - Torn Down (Out Of The Darkness)
  Behemoth - Awaken (Monsters & Machines)
  Conquerors - Saved By Skarlet (Conquerors)
  Counterfeit - Wolves At The Gate (Eclipse)
  Feel It - John Schlitt (Go)
  Fighting Monsters - Jon The Revelator (Fighting Monsters)
  Lift Your Voice - We Are Vessel (Lift Your Voice)
  Reach Out - DAV (War Zone)
  Ready Aim - Bayless (Ready Aim)
  The Front Lines - Buried Above (Buried Above)
  Those Eyes - Jenna Parr (Made For This)
  Today We Rise - Collision of Innocence (Today We Rise)

  Bad Self - Ascension - The Protest (Legacy)
  Blood From Above - Stryper (Even The Devil Believes)
  Break Me - Jenna Parr (Made For This)
  Can You Promise Me That This Will Never End - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (Oh, The Horror!)
  Chemical - The Devil Wears Prada (The Act)
  Desperate Measures - Random Hero (Tension)
  Even - Dens (Taming Tongues)
  Face Down - AngeLight (Face Down)
  I Don't Belong To You - Remedy Drive (The North Star)
  Light It Up (feat. UNSECRET) - Manafest (Light It Up)
  Live Forever - Mike Mains & The Branches (When We Were In Love)
  Lose Myself In You - Cross The Divide (Lose Myself In You)
  Reality - The Birdsongs (The Journey - Act II, The War)
  Restore Me - Adelaide (Strong and Brave)
  Shallow Graves - Poetic Descent (Shallow Graves)
  Sober - Seventh Day Slumber (Closer To Chaos)
  Take The Pain - The Grave Denial (The Grave Denial)
  Taking Over - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (Taking Over)
  The First & The Last - Collision of Innocence (The First & The Last)
  Twisted Carousel - Jaron Cox (Cyclical Madness)



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