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  Black Knight - Saved By Skarlet (Black Knight)
  Dear God - Matt Sassano (Dear God)
  Dominion - Skillet (Dominion)
  Grave Digger - The Brave (Grave Digger)
  Halos - Seventh Day Slumber (Death By Admiration)
  Not Alone - Ignite The Fire (The Fallout)
  Scream - Love Like Gravity (Break The Silence)
  Think You Got It - Relent (Heavy)
  Trust - Aaron Michaels (Trust)
  Uncaged - Behold The Beloved (No Surrender)
  Words of Fire - Kutless (Words of Fire)
  Your Turn - Memphis May Fire (Remade In Misery)

  Bring Me His Head - Paradise Now (We Never Die)
  Driven - Chaotic Resemblance (Nazarites)
  Fields Of Sorrow - Fear Not (Fields of Sorrow)
  Fight or Run - Red Calling (Fight or Run)
  Fire - Bennett Hughes (Fire)
  Glorious Scars - Collision of Innocence (Glorious Scars)
  He Is - Gary Caserta (He Is)
  Hey You - Riddle Me This (Hey You)
  Kiss of Death - The Letter Black (Born For This)
  Peace That Starts The War - Wolves At The Gate (Eulogies)
  Rise To The Call - Stryper (Rise To The Call)
  Searchlights - Bayless (Searchlights)

  Adrift - David Pataconi (Adrift)
  Already Written (feat. Dawn Michele) - Buried Above (Buried Above)
  Awaken Love - Lacey Sturm (Awaken Love)
  Crawl - Nesdam (Crawl)
  Fight - Reclaimers (Fight)
  Forever - American Arson (A Line In The Sand)
  Framing My Perception - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh (Framing My Perception)
  Grind - Love Like Gravity (Break The Silence)
  Higher Power (feat. Hulvey) - Crowder (Milk & Honey)
  Kill Me - Midnight Wedding (Anthem For The Outcast)
  Making Me - Brent Tatum (Making Me)
  My Defense - Mawcore (My Defense)
  Nemesis (feat. Sonny Sandoval) - Manafest (Nemesis)
  Not My Name - Matt Sassano (Not My Name)
  Passover Prophecy - Chaotic Resemblance (Nazarites)
  Ready, Set, No (feat. Depoian) - Boiling Point (Hope Lives Here)
  Remnant - Ignescent (Remnant)
  Trenches - Behold The Beloved (No Surrender)
  What's Kraken - Rusty Shipp (What's Kraken)
  You Are God (When The World Is On Fire) - Honor & Glory (Honor & Glory)



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